Building Emotional Tolerance


As part of my healing journey, I needed to build Emotional Tolerance.

After spending years, hiding in plain sight, it was time for me to relearn how to be me, how to be around people, and how to do it without being overwhelmed.

My wonderful, amazing counsellor challenged me to do things that I would normally never do. These are the things I have done to date:

  • In a restaurant for breakfast from a menu that said 2 eggs any style, I ordered one fried and one sunny-side up. Asked if I wanted white or whole wheat toast, I asked for one of each.
  • While wearing short pants, I wore one white and one black sock.
  • I asked for directions to a location right in front of me. (This was fun and it was amazing how many people tried to help but did not know where it was).
  • While walking, say hello to strangers (most usually say hello back).
  • Went to the mall, entered several young people’s stores, and held up a style I would never wear and asked the sales clerk for their opinion (Sadly they all tried to convince me it was fabulous).
  • Walking past someone moving into a new home, I waved and welcomed them to the neighbourhood (I got a happy smile – I think I would do this one again).
  • Walking past people sitting on a bus bench, nod and say hello to them. Walked around the block came to them again and asked if they had seen my sister. (It was fascinating how many said No).

Stepping out of my normal, quiet routine was challenging at first, but by the time I had done a few, I found myself excited to try another challenge.


By Ann Ev