I am an avid writer in my journals. My writing, my books, my plays, my poems, and my random thoughts all began in one of my journals.

For years I have been writing in my journals:

  • A daily journal – how I’m doing, what I’m doing, sometimes a wish list of things I could do. I will sometimes record the expected weather for the upcoming week, then compare it to the actual weather.
  • Diet Journal – Recording everything I eat, both for my TOPS program and also to help me stay on track to not overdo the overeating
  • Words Journal – When I struggle with my writing (Rarely, but it does happen) I read my dictionary. I write words I am not familiar with and their meaning and I attempt to write a sentence or story to fit the word. YES, many of my odd stories have come from this habit.
  • Book Reviews Journal – When I am actively working on my stories, I tend to not read. I actually recommend it, for when I am reading, especially a good or interesting book, I find it very difficult to put it down. It goes everywhere with me. Everywhere.

Six Class Journal Program – I am grateful to have been involved with creating a journal writing program. The participants gave rave reviews and wanted to see it continue. I hope to once again be able to bring this program to others.