What a THRILL it was to experience the Publication of my FIRST BOOK in the fall of 2021, my second book in the spring of 2022, and my third book in the very near future.

FOF (Futility of F***edness). This series of books contain short stories, poems, thoughts, and directions to help in Canada on today’s concerns. The fictional stories arise from my experiences, dreams, and nightmares, and living with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, RSD, and PTSD.

  • FOF #1 – Short stories include: Hazardous Wishes, The B & G Special, The One That Got Away, and Please Mama. The topics are many, including Safe Drinking Water, Missing Persons/Human Trafficking,  and Homelessness.


  • FOF #2 – Short stories include: The Three Sisters, Grey’s Son, The Crack Apts. 1, and A Pandemic Chocomance. The topics cover a range including Equality, Child Sexual Abuse, Awareness, and Drug Dependence.

CHASING HIPPIENESS – Based on my experiences of hitchhiking around North America as a teenager, this fictional series follows two diversely different cousins, Maureen (Mo) from Brantford, Ontario and Dawn from Buffalo, New York, on their comical and action-packed adventure in the 1970’s.

  • CHASING HIPPIENESS – ALMOST AMAZING – The adventure begins as the cousins travel from New York to Florida, meeting a variety of dangerous and friendly characters, and getting jobs in a resort in the Florida Everglades.