I do not know if Anxiety is common with ADHD. Is the Anxiety I struggle with associated with my years of living and struggling with undiagnosed ADHD? Did it arise from a trauma I experienced at a young age? Have I experienced many hardships because of the ADHD? Do I struggle because of ADHD or Anxiety? Is this why people confuse me?

Some say Anxiety is common in ADHD, some say victimization is common in ADHD, some say addiction and other bad choices are common in ADHD, but it is also important to note that CREATIVITY is common in ADHD, Outside of the Box thinking is common in ADHD, and developing exceptional coping skills is also common with ADHD.

When it was first suggested I may have ADHD, I said no way, I am not physically hyperactive, but the reality is my brain is always in hyper-overdrive. Taking the test was one WOW moment after another. So many of the aspects of ADHD are things I have struggled with all my life. How could this be?

A typical day for me could include:

  • Fill the sink with hot soapy water (of course after draining last night’s water because I did not get the dishes done).
  • While the dishes soak, toast a bagel and eat a quarter.
  • Head to the can, brush my teeth, and I might as well empty and re-organize my medicine cabinet because I cannot find my dental floss.
  • Remembering my bagel, I return to the kitchen, eat another quarter, while I remove the dining room tablecloth and take it to the laundry room, where a wet and stinky load needs to be redone. So, I toss in the tablecloth, restart, and turn on the dryer to fluff a load of towels.
  • Taking a moment, I take a deep breath, and try to create a plan for the day. I know it works best, if I make one, if I stick to it, unless I lose it.
  • On my computer to make my list, I get distracted and play some games.
  • Feeling hungry, I head to the kitchen, to the once again cold water sitting with the dishes, so I drain and refill the sink. I decide to do the dishes while I make some lunch. I reheat some soup to have with my half-eaten bagel, do a couple dishes, eat, add my lunch dishes, then hit the can.
  • My toilet seat is covered with my cabinet items, so I shove them all back in, forget about organizing, I need to use my toilet.
  • Heading back to the kitchen, I glance in my bedroom, step in and make the bed.

And so my day goes on. Anyone with ADHD can relate. By the end of this day, this is what I might accomplish:

  • One stripped Bed – I decided it needed washing so the sheets are on the floor in the laundry room
  • Towels in a basket waiting to be folded
  • A third washing of the wet and stinky clothes
  • Washed my dishes but still need to rinse
  • Worked on a story (did not finish)
  • Sorted coats in the front closet, picked one to donate and put it in the large bag by the door.

Typically, I am exhausted, and nothing has been completed, but there is always tomorrow.


By Ann Ev

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